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Welcome to RSVMOTORS

There always comes a time in life when you feel like you need a change. And if it has to do with changing vehicles, then you just have to go ahead and do it. We are here for you, whether you are looking to buy a car for your specific needs or you are just thinking about a quick, reliable and hassle-free sale of your car.

RSVMOTORS provides excellent car sales services based on Quality, Determination and Safety. All transactions are carried out with precision and care in order to minimize any difficulties and the duration of the procedures. So if you are looking for a quick and easy car purchase or sale – RSVMOTORS is your guaranteed first choice partner.

Our Goal

We want to pursue our desire and expertise in the automotive industry to simplify the way cars are bought and sold. Our experienced sales consultants have been working for many years to ensure that customer expectations are met to the maximum and that the sales process proceeds quickly and professionally.

Why us

Lots of things have value. That's our opinion. Using a professional car dealership service not only gives you the opportunity to sell your car quickly and effortlessly, but it also offers you many other benefits.


We ensure the safety of the vehicle from the signing of the contract until the vehicle is handed over to the buyer.


All vehicles entering the RSVMOTORS car dealership are insured against all possible dangers.


We take care of the delivery of the vehicle from home to the customer.


We have more than 350 potential exhibition locations.


Depending on the needs of a specific customer, we can transport the vehicle by land, air or water.

Years of experience
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We offer transport of the car from your home to our dealership

With our help you can sell a car faster and more efficiently than with any other professional. RSVMOTORS not only offers you the best price depending on your car's specifics, but also an extremely simple process, so you don't have to worry about complicated selling details anymore.

From the moment we sign the contract and collect the car from you, until it arrives at the new owner and the money arrives in the most convenient way for you, you don't have to do anything.


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    Frequently asked questions

    Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section and learn more about the terms and conditions of car sales.

    Yes. If the buyer has the opportunity to see the car up close and take it for a test drive, we know from experience that the sale will be much easier and faster. Potential customers don't tend to wait until they can see the car from the ad, so they look for other options.

    a) We sign a contract that lists all the conditions for security.
    b) You remain the owner of the car until the customer pays for the car using your preferred payment method.
    c) We issue a detailed and official waybill from the transport company, which contains all the information about the transport of the car.
    d) We are constantly growing and expanding thanks to the quality of our service, the professional approach to customers and the trust of people, which is what we value most.

    All payments are made in the most convenient way for our customers within the terms of the contract.

    We charge fixed commissions for our services based on the value of the car sold:

    The value of the car sold The agency fee
    1000 - 10.000 € 1000 € excl. VAT 
    €10 – €000 2000 € excl. VAT 
    €100 – €000 3000 € excl. VAT 
    > € 200.000 According to the agreement

    Only after the vehicle has been sold.

    a) 100% car value insurance for safe car transport.
    b) Comprehensive insurance.
    c) Professional photo session of the vehicle.
    d) Free advertisements on the most popular car sales portals on behalf of RSVMotors.
    e) Free and unlimited parking.
    f) Safe storage, cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle.
    g) Professional Sales Manager.
    h) Processing of purchase and sale documents.

    a) The car must be in good technical condition and safe (it must meet all the requirements for a technical inspection).
    b) Two sets of keys are mandatory (we can help organize an extra set if needed).
    c) The car must be checked in an official workshop or our partner dealer service.

    We organize the complete logistics and car transport from your front door to our fleet. The average cost of transporting a car is 200-300 euros (depending on the location, weight and size of the car).

    Yes we can do all this for you.

    We also sell these successfully, because there are over 100 million potential buyers in and around Germany who are looking for such vehicles.